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Ninja Dojo (Black Belt)

Ninja Dojo (Grandmaster)

* Ninja Mesh

* Ninja Mesh

* Ninja UV

* Ninja UV

* Ninja Fracture

* Ninja Fracture

* Ninja Light

* Ninja Light

* Ninja Rename

* Ninja Rename

* Ninja Asset

* Ninja Asset

* Ninja City

How it works:


1. Purchase through pay pal safely.

2. Once payment has been received,  I will then create and email you a username and password.

(Please Allow up to 24 hours to process,  though most of the time it shouldn't take that long.)

3. Return back to this page and download the .zip file by entering your username and password.

4. When I make updates, you can then return back and download the updates for free by using your username and password.


If you have questions or pricing options you can email me at


If you are a Company or a University and would like to purchase multiple copies, please contact me for pricing. I do offer discounts for multiple purchases.

If you are a large studio you may purchase an Unlimited version.


Purchasing Options 


Ninja Dojo Black Belt Unlimited
Ninja Dojo Grandmaster Unlimited

Ninja Dojo Black Belt Single
Ninja Dojo Grandmaster Single


Download Links


By downloading Ninja Dojo, you are agreeing to the User End License Agreement


Black Belt Download


Download Ninja Dojo 6.4 (Black Belt) updated 02/03/2018 (Current)


Download Ninja Dojo 6.3 (Black Belt) updated 10/09/2017

Download Ninja Dojo 6.2 (Black Belt) updated 06/10/2017

Download Ninja Dojo 6.1 (Black Belt) updated 01/21/2017

Download Ninja Dojo 6.0 (Black Belt) updated 09/03/2016


Grandmaster Download


Download Ninja Dojo 6.4 (Grandmaster) updated 02/03/2018 (Current)


 Download Ninja Dojo 6.3 (Grandmaster) updated 10/09/2017

Download Ninja Dojo 6.2 (Grandmaster) updated 06/10/2017

Download Ninja Dojo 6.1 (Grandmaster) updated 01/21/2017

Download Ninja Dojo 6.0 (Grandmaster) updated 09/03/2016



Ninja City

($30 single user)

Download Ninja City 2.1

Download Ninja City 2.2

Download Ninja City 3.0

Download Ninja City 3.1

Download Ninja City 3.2 updated 07/08/2012

Download Ninja City 4.1 updated 01/26/2016 



Upgrade Section/Student Purchase

If you have purchased any Ninja script on Creative Crash,  I am offering a discount to access Ninja Dojo Grandmaster and Black Belt.

This works the same as if you purchased Ninja Dojo directly thru my site.  This is based on the honor system.  


Ninja Dojo Grandmaster Upgrade/Student ($60)

Ninja Dojo Black Belt Upgrade/Student ($45)