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Ninja Dojo V6.4 Is Here

Ninja Dojo is compatible with Window, Mac, and Linux Maya 2014 - 2018
(some newer features may not work in older versions of maya)

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Whats New in 6.4
Ninja Dojo 6.4
1. Fixed layer visibility in sidekick.
2. Added Component Axis Contraint in the Status Bar. Fixed Custom Constraint and UI updating for Contraints in the status bar.
3. Added Store and Recall Local Pivot in the Pivot Menu.

Ninja Mesh 6.4
1. Added Absolute or Relative to Randomize Rotation
2. Added Clean Verts with only 2 Edges in the Tools menu. This will delete verts that only 2 edges visible.
3. Added Bounding Mesh icons in the Mesh Create Rollout.
4. Added Prism, Gear, Soccer Ball, SuperShape, and Text primitives to the Mesh Create.
5. Added Store and Recall Local Pivot in the Adjust Pivot Rollout.

Ninja UV 6.4
1. Fixed the Combine Bake.
2. Removed the PBR library and merged it into one tool with the Create Material from Texture.
3. Fixed the suffix naming for the texture slots and also made them Non Case Sensitive.
4. Added straighten Curve Horizontal and Vertical in the Straigten section.
5. Added average Horizontal and Vertical in the Straigten section.
6. Fixed Units in the pixel ratio when loading Ninja UV. It will now set the units to the scenes unit scale.