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Ninja Dojo V6.1 Is Here!

Ninja Dojo is compatible with Window, Mac, and Linux Maya 2014 - 2017
(some newer features may not work in older versions of maya)

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Whats New in 6.2

Ninja Mesh 6.2
1. Added Boolean Difference + Intersection.
2. Added Boolean Difference + Keep Last.
3. Added Greeble Tools.
4. Added Axis Direction to Deform Along Curve.
5. Added Deform Along Selected Edge.

Ninja UV 6.2
1. Added option to show UV/persp panel inside the Ninja UV.
2. Added option to show persp panel inside the Ninja UV editor window.
3. Added map tab inside Ninja UV editor window.
4. Added Align UV Left, Align UV Right, Align UV Top, and Align UV Bottom with edge selection.
5. Added [Apply Material From Last Selected Face] in the material Tab.
6. Added PBR Material Library.
7. Added Rotate UV.
8. Fixed Uv linking when switching uv sets.
9. Added Tiling info in Check Ratio.
10. Added UV Toolbar in the Ninja UV Editor Window.

Ninja Forge (Grandmaster Only)
Ninja Pipe 2.0

1. Added Rotation Controller to control Rotation of Pipes.
2. [Clean Slected Pipes] will remove all connections correctly.
3. Added Angle to LJoint so you can create LJoints at any angle.
4. Fixed Align Tools.
5. Added [Delete Selected Pipes].
6. Added Bolt Segments.
7. Seperated Cap Segments from Pipe Segments.
8. Added Duplicate Pipe.
9. Added Preset Menu.
10.Adjusted UV's to fit on a texture page.

Ninja Stairs 1.0
1. Added Radial Stairs
2. Fixed calculations for rise and run in Spiral Stairs
3. Added support to make solid spiral stairs

Whats New in 6.1
Ninja Dojo 6.1
1. Added perforce Command "Check out current file" in the Ninja Dojo menu. (Must have env variables set in windows)
2. Updated UI for 2017. Added Side Kick Mode (Workspace 2017) in the Ninja UI menu. This will create the UI in a dockable Workspace tab for 2017.

Ninja Mesh 6.1
1. Added Select Contiguous. This will select contiguous faces within a certain Angle.
2. Added Grid Divide. Divide a mesh based off a grid in x y z axis.
3. Fixed Weld verts to work on multiple objects.
4. Fixed Delete Alternate Edge Loop to work on multiple objects.
5. Added Boolean options.
6. Updated Select by name.

Ninja UV 6.1
1. Added Select Contiguous. This will select contiguous faces within a certain Angle.
2. Added Move UV in either UV space or Pixel Space.
3. Moved UVSets to the Edit Tab
4. Added Material Tab. Has 4 materials for grids of 512, 1024, 2048, 4096
5. Added Create/Assign Material from Texture. Select texture for the color channel. if normal map and spec map have suffixes it will automatically add those to the corret slots.

Ninja Forge 1.1 (Maya 2017 Only, Grandmaster Only)
1. Updated UI
2. Added Storing Attributes on Types for Arch, Gear, Vault
3. Fixed pathing for Ninja Forge.

Ninja Pipe 1.1
1. Added Clean Pipe Group. Fixes rotation values when removing constraints
2. Added rotation increment buttons for 5, 15, 30, 45 degrees.

Whats New in 6.0
Ninja Dojo

1. UI Icons: Updated Icons. Uninstall icons then re-install icons.
2. Cleaned up UI.
3. Adjusted UI Buttons to be larger.
4. Updated Color Settings for buttons and rollouts.
5. Updated Angle Snap to have presets in the Ninja Dojo Status Bar. Right Click the Angle Snap field to set Angle Snap presets.
6. Started Adding Clone funcionality to open duplicate rollouts. Any Rollout that says (*) will be able to Clone that Rollout to work independently. This will also fix issues with the Interactive Help.
7. Bonus Script Section now you can double click a script and it will open it up in a window.
8. Fixed all warnings with the -borderstyle in Maya 2016.
9. Added Grid Spacing and Divisions in the Ninja Dojo Status Bar
10. Added PUV(Pin UV) checkbox in the Ninja Dojo Status Bar
11. Added ability to hide Ninja Dojo Status Bar.

New Bonus Tools

1. Ninja Export 1.0. Ninja Export is a batch exporting script. This is replacing Ninja_UDK. Please remove Ninja_UDK from the /Ninja_Dojo/Bonus/ directory.
2. Ninja Convert 1.0 Ninja Convert is a simple distance conversion tool that converts kilometer, meter, centimeter, millimeter, mile, yard, foot and inches.
3. Ninja Paint Prep 1.0. Ninja Paint Prep is a tool to help paint textures onto a mesh. This is uesful if you are using RGB Blend Maps for your shaders.

Ninja SpeedBox 2.1

1. fixed saving of Shelf of "None".

Ninja Mesh 6.0

1. Updated the Attach to help clean up empty nodes associated with meshes.
2. Fixed some issues with deform along curve.
3. Fixed some issues with duplicate along curve.
4. Added Radomize Position, Rotation, Scale
5. Updated Coffer: added Keep Faces Together, Taper and End Scale.
6. Added Cloning ability to Most Rollouts.
7. Added New Re-Cap Faces. This Will rebuild Faces with a specified number of Divisions.
8. Updated Icons

Ninja UV 6.0

1. fixed loading of ninjax.ini
2. fixed loading of ninja_Uv.ini
3. added move and sew option to detach uv shell. selected edges will get sewed after detaching uv shells.
4. added select uvshell border edges in the select menu
5. added a select rollout.
6. added scale move sew.
7. added Ninja Camera for Full Mode
8. Added Cloning ability to Most Rollouts.
9. Updated Icons

Ninja Fracture 6.0

1. Updated UI to seperate the different fracture types.
2. Added Icons for Fracture Types.